Extended – Call for papers – CAMH Special Issue 2023 ‘Technology and mental health for children and adolescents: pros and cons’

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Editorial Assistant for ACAMH.

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ACAMH, publishers of the journal Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) invites manuscripts for a special issue entitled ‘Technology and mental health for children and adolescents: pros and cons’ to be edited by Professor Lina Gega, Professor Kapil Sayal and Dr. Jennifer Martin, and due for publication in February 2023.

The editors of CAMH are now inviting proposals from prospective authors. Our children and adolescents are having to navigate extraordinary times. They have grown up surrounded by technology, for better or for worse. They are also facing the huge challenges related to the pandemic and climate change. We are seeing rising rates of mental health problems in the context of stretched mental health services. Technology may play a part in causing or exacerbating the difficulties faced by this generation, but may also provide some helpful ways to tackle the current difficulties. In this special issue we would like to consider articles that explore the role of technology in the mental health and development of our children and adolescents.

Interested authors should submit a letter of intent as a Microsoft Word document to the CAMH editorial office (Prabha.Choubina@acamh.org) with ‘Technology and mental health for children and adolescents: pros and cons’ in the subject line by Monday 17th January 2022.

The letter should include the following: a tentative title; a brief description of the proposed submission (up to 500 words) including a clear statement of the methods and findings; a brief explanation of the unique contribution made by the proposed manuscript (under 100 words); names of envisaged co-authors; and contact information for the corresponding author.

More information on this Special Issue can be found below. The full call for papers can also be downloaded from this pdf.

The Special Issue invites submissions on the following topics, but additional relevant contributions are welcome:
• The potential harms and benefits of technology at different developmental stages
• The impact of screen use on cognitive, social and neurological development
• The use of technology to support mental health
• The perspectives of young people on social media and the use of technology generally
• The impact of technology on the mental health of potentially vulnerable groups
• International perspectives, including perspectives in the case for regulation
• The digital divide
• The impact of broader safeguarding issues on mental health such as access to the dark web and exploitation
• Social media and gaming addiction
• Digital resilience

The journal welcomes submissions from across the globe in order to provide a worldwide perspective on these important issues.

The aim of this special issue is to bring together emerging research in this area; examples of potential papers include among others:

• Systematic reviews
• Qualitative studies
• Longitudinal studies
• Clinical trials
• Naturalistic studies
• Process evaluations
• Papers on relevant health economics
• Innovations in Practice
• Papers on ethics pertaining to the rights and vulnerabilities of children

The editors will review all letters and invite shortlisted authors to submit full manuscripts. The editors will contact all authors by no later than Monday 24th January to inform them on whether or not they have been invited to submit a full manuscript. If you do not hear back by this date, please notify the editorial office (Prabha.Choubina@acamh.org). 

Please note that following the letters of intent, all submitted full manuscripts will be subject to the standard robust peer review process and final acceptance is not guaranteed. In some instances, some manuscripts may be accepted for publication in normal CAMH issues outside of the Special Issue.

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