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JCPP Advances
JCPP Advances is a new, high quality, high impact open access journal in the field of child psychology and psychiatry and related disciplines.

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JCPP Advances is inviting authors to submit systematic reviews and meta-analyses on all topics relating to child and adolescent mental health and in particular, those that have a broad focus on prevalence, prevention, risk factors and treatment approaches for child and adolescent mental health problems.

The systematic reviews and meta-analyses can be around the following topics but not restricted to: schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide and self-harm, conditions listed in DSM-5 (attenuated psychosis syndrome, neurobehavioral disorder associated with prenatal alcohol exposure, non-suicidal self-injury, internet gaming disorder, Arfid, DMDD).

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are important research designs for appraising evidence and guiding clinical practice and policy around child and adolescent mental health problems. Another critical goal is to identify problems in primary research that should be addressed in future studies and also to provide directions for future research priorities.

JCPP Advances therefore has a strong interest in high-quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses. You will notice that many on the editorial team and the editorial advisory board members of JCPP Advances have expertise in these areas.

All systematic reviews and meta-analyses should conform to PRISMA reporting guidelines.  The word limit should be around 6000. (The journal strongly encourages the pre-registration of review protocols on publicly accessible platforms.)

Author guidelines can be found here.

The systematic reviews and meta-analyses can be around the following topics but not restricted to :

JCPP Advances is an Open Access journal. It provides immediate and wide access to published papers ensuring wide dissemination of the research.

Your institution or funder may be able to help with the open access Article Publication Charges (APCs) through a Wiley Open Access Account. Please check here.

We may also be able to offer a fee waiver to a select few papers submitted before end of November 2021 (subject to peer review and final acceptance).

We would like to encourage authors to submit their systematic reviews as early as possible.

Please email to discuss your proposal or if you have any queries.

You can submit your manuscript directly here.




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