Call for Papers – JCPP Special Issue 2023 ‘Innovation in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Interventions’

The Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP) invites manuscripts for a special issue entitled “Innovation in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Interventions” to be edited by Paul Ramchandani, Joan Luby, Bradley Peterson, Tim Dalgleish and Edmund Sonuga-Barke, and due for publication in October 2023 (Published online in September 2023).

Recent data suggests that levels of child and adolescent mental ill health continue to rise across the globe; a pattern that if anything has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Diverse new and innovative interventions are being developed for implementation across multiple settings and within different systems to promote child and adolescent mental health and reverse these trends.

The editors of the JCPP are inviting submissions to a special issue on this topic to be published in October 2023. We will consider both review and original papers on the development, evaluation or dissemination of novel and innovative interventions promoting good child and adolescent mental health or tackling mental ill-health (e.g., depression, anxiety etc). These could include (but are not limited to) population-level public health and prevention initiatives, school-based strategies, parent-led primary care approaches or clinically-focused therapeutic innovations developed for specific mental health conditions. Mental health/ill-health will be defined broadly.

Innovation could involve either novel mechanisms of change and intervention targets, or new modes of intervention delivery and implementation/dissemination strategies. We are keen to include studies that use innovative intervention approaches and strategies developed to reduce persistent social inequities in child and adolescent mental health.

Although randomised controlled designs should be employed for the clinical evaluation of an intervention’s efficacy or effectiveness, the special issue will be open to other methodological approaches, where appropriate, including proof of concept experimental studies of new mechanisms of action and rigorous pragmatic designs to assess implementation.

Interested authors should submit a letter of intent as a Microsoft Word document to the JCPP editorial office ( with ‘Innovation in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Interventions’ in the subject line by 29th May 2022.

The full call for papers can also be downloaded from this pdf.

The letter should include the following: a tentative title; a brief description of the proposed submission (up to 500 words) including a clear statement of the methods and findings; a brief explanation of the unique contribution made by the proposed manuscript (under 100 words); names of envisaged co-authors; and contact information for the corresponding author.

The editors will review all letters and invite shortlisted authors to submit full manuscripts. The editors will contact all authors by no later than 27th June 2022 to inform them on whether or not they have been invited to submit a full manuscript. If you do not hear back by this date, please do notify the editorial office ( The submission of full manuscripts will be due by no later than 27th November 2022.

Please note that following the letters of intent, all submitted full manuscripts will be subject to the standard robust peer review process and final acceptance is not guaranteed. In some instances, some manuscripts may be accepted for publication in normal JCPP issues outside of the special issue.

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