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Gordana Milavić
Dr. Milavić is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital, London. She has over 40 years of experience in acute clinical practice, teaching and training. During her career she has been at the forefront of the organisation of mental health services for children and adolescents in southeast London. She is a Trustee and medical advisor of a number of mental health charities in the UK and internationally.

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Do you think you could help produce online video-based child and adolescent mental health based resources?

If so, as one of up to 3 new Content Producers, we need you to develop a digital-first knowledge resource to accelerate the translation gaps from research to clinical practice, working towards our Vision of “Sharing best evidence, improving practice.”

This is a remote working role, time limited initially to 1 year. Salaries will be based on public sector rates of pay or academic equivalents (to be discussed with successful candidates). Information on the role is listed below and in this job pack to download.


Please apply by the deadline of midnight GMT, Thursday 30 September 2021 by emailing your CV and a one-page covering letter to ACAMH CEO Martin Pratt.


It is now well known it can take up to 17 years for research findings to become regularly used in health care. The Association is sitting on a wealth of raw material, over 60 years of the best research and developments, and ACAMH intends to help accelerate its uptake.


You will be central to helping ACAMH achieve its vision of becoming one of the ‘go to’ online resources for anyone seeking expert digests and interpretations of the best evidence available, helping to accelerate improvements for the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people, and their families by:

  • Building an unrivalled child and adolescent mental health video resource to support child and adolescent mental health professionals worldwide
  • Involving young people, families and practitioners in more of our activities
  • Increasing involvement from a broad range of diverse perspectives including the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities
  • Ensuring the same rigorous standards that our journals operate within are also applied to our online content
  • Increase the reach and adoption of the evidence by translating selected content into other languages (starting with Arabic and Russian) via our external professional translators
  • Increasing our advocacy role, not by lobbying but by ensuring research is driving agendas
  • Influencing national and international policy through the dissemination of the evidence base
  • Leading on real evidence dissemination and cutting through the ‘fake news’
  • Educating the field through better understanding of why children and young people experience difficulties and what promotes their wellbeing

Role specification


  • Strong skills in translating needs into engaging, relevant and impactful digital and blended solutions
  • Able to source or create online videos on a variety of child and adolescent mental health (aged 0-25) topics, for a variety of English language-based audiences (parents, non-clinical professionals, trainees/students, clinical professionals and academics) to populate a new video learning platform with content at basic, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Able to procure content from our portfolio of events including the national conferences, masterclasses and branch outputs
  • Able to prepare materials of interest to international audiences


  • Comfortable with all stages of the online learning content creation process; from Instructional Design to storyboarding, editing digital content that translates into engaging and effective learning solutions (training/guidance available)

Expected outputs

  • 1, 2 or 3 child and adolescent mental health clinician/researchers to provide a total of 3 days per week of input
  • For the collective group/individual: 120 days per year of content generation + 36 days to include annual leave/bank hols/sick leave/carers leave/personal CPD/networking at events etc

Selection criteria

  • Have an academic, research, teaching or clinical background in the field of child and adolescent mental health (up to age 25)
  • Have access to a wide-ranging network of professional contacts, and use these to contribute towards your pool of speakers
  • Interest in the education of others – parents, non-clinical professionals, clinical professionals and academics
  • Broad knowledge of child and adolescent mental health topics, research methodology and evidence-based practice
  • The ability to self-direct and deliver outputs within a guided framework and adherence to timescales/deadlines
  • Expected output, on average 3 videos produced per week over the 3 days of work, with tagging of content and production of 5-10 CPD questions per video
  • Ability to contact, liaise with and agree outputs with potential speakers
  • Available time to meet the commitments of the contract (time can be used flexibly monthly)

Key links


Vision and Mission

Journals and publications

Meet the team


Please apply by the deadline of midnight GMT, Thursday 30 September 2021 by emailing your CV and a one-page covering letter to ACAMH CEO Martin Pratt. Information on the role is in this job pack to download.



I would like to ask if you plan to consider candidates from other countries. I am from Argentina (where I too live), a clinical psychologist with expertise in child and adolescent mental health, and have experience in digital content production to disseminate evidence-based content.
In case you consider foreign candidates, I will send my CV and cover letter. Also, I am available in case you are interested in exploring producing content for the Spanish-speaking population.
Best regards

Matt Kempen

Hi Guido. Yes applications are welcomed from across the globe, do please get in touch


Hi Matt. ACAMH reached out over LinkedIn about this job and I am interested. I am just wondering if I can see an example of what your digital output or any existing video materials look like. I am a registered nurse who has experience producing digital multimedia for families and non clinical professionals. But my experience has been it takes time to produce while the job seems to be asking for 3 videos a week. Just trying to figure out what a final deliverable looks like for your organization to see if I am able to meet this requested output. Can you direct me to what your team is envisioning for videos?

Matt Kempen

Hi Jeff
We’ll be in touch with more details via email

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