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Next year, the Emanuel Miller Memorial Lecture and National Conference 2019 will focus on Attachment & Early Intervention: Improving emotional wellbeing and relationships in the family, and at school. To celebrate this, we’re offering free access to some of ACAMH’s papers on the topic. These include:

  • Genetic and environmental influences on adolescent attachment
  • Genetic vulnerability or differential susceptibility in child development – the case of attachment
  • Interparental conflict and youth psychopathology
  • Programs for parents of infants and toddlers
  • Randomised trial of a parent-mediated intervention for infants with high likelihood of autism
  • Survey of schools’ work with child and adolescent mental health across England

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I’m desperately trying to get funding from work to attend next year’s conference. You’re doing such important work that I’d love to learn as much as I can to help the hundreds of kids in my local area who are struggling. Thank you.

I’m currently working with children coming from separated families. Your work will help me understand the nature of my children’s behaviors better and guide me in intervening in much effective ways. Thank you.

Are there any resources available for working with a 5 year old who has attachment problems due to severe post natal depression and domestic violence

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