Students and early career researchers, we want you!

Matt Kempen
Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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We’re offering a number of opportunities for students, trainees and early career researchers to get involved with ACAMH, and depending on your contribution we may be able to offer free membership, free access to some events or potentially, commissions. Don’t forget everything we do is evidence based, we need the science to stack up!

Here are some of the ways to join our community promoting the advancement of child and adolescent mental health:

  • Blogging
    Is there a topic, a scientific paper, an article, policy, book, news item, lecture, person, lived experience, (pretty much anything!) that you’d like to blog on? If it’s something that child and adolescent mental health professionals would be interested in, we can publish and promote this to our audience of over 80,000!
  • Vlogging
    Exactly the same as above except the world gets to see and hear you!
  • Scientific digest
    Take a scientific paper from one of our journals (we’ll provide access) and write an easily accessible digest of around 300 – 500 words highlighting the key points
  • Events
    We run events across the UK and Ireland on a host of topics. You could potentially attend for free either in person, or via a live webinar. What we may want from you is an overview of some of the discussions and learning points from the lectures, or you could interview the speakers to form part of a podcast, or you can film the speakers for us (it’s easy we provide the tripod and camera, all you need to do is press play) so that we can then post this online for others to access. Alternatively you might want to blog/vlog about the day.
  • Special interest groups
    We have a number of special interest groups that you could get involved with, including those on early intervention, learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental conditions, and parental mental illness.
  • Branches
    Would you be interested in playing a role in our soon to be established ‘Student/Trainee’ forum? You could be part of the committee to help us better engage with people like you and help us shape what and how we offer you.
  • Digirati
    Are you a social media guru? Can you help get our message out to the relevant people? Would your followers be interested in what we are trying to do? How can you assist us in #HelpingYouHelpOthers?
  • Ambassador
    Are you active with other organisations? Do you get asked speak at events or online? Could you, or would you want to, do that as a representative for ACAMH as one of our ‘Student/Trainee’ representatives?
  • Focus Group
    Would you like to be part of our focus group? We want your opinions on what we are currently doing and how we are doing it, how can we improve, and what you want to see us doing.
  • A N Other
    Any other suggestions you may have, this is just a guideline and we’re always open to ideas!

If you’d like to get involved, email and let us know a bit about you and how you’d like to be involved.



I will like to be involved as an Ambassador. I speak at events and I will do this as a representative.


I would love to help out with the skills that I hone as a masters candidate in developmental psych. I could help out by writing a scientific synthesis of the papers from the journal. I could also blog especially on mental health of adolescents and children through an asian perspective as I am from Malaysia.
Thank you very much for the opportunity!

Matt Kempen

drop us an email, details above.


Sounds good.
Would a mature (ish) trainee psychotherapist be of use?
Still unsure as to whether I should further my training in child and adolescents therapy but very willing to engage with acamh

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