Suicide and self-harm: Pathways for Minimizing Suicide & Premature Deaths and Maximizing Hope and Wellbeing

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The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry is proud to present the special issue on Suicide and Self-harm. The set of 10 questions in the quiz are based on 10 original papers published in the special issue, which is freely accessible to view and download until 15/11/19. The special issue presents some of the latest, ground-breaking findings in the field.

ACAMH is awarding 2 hours of CPD training on completion of this quiz. If you correctly answer 8 out of the 10 questions, you are qualified to receive the CPD certificate. Please email us a screenshot of your score and we will send you the certification. There are more details available on the finish page.

The estimated time for completing this quiz, including the time taken for reading, is 2 hours.





Thanks so much for this quiz.


Cultural taboos and myths to be addressed, especially in the third word.
Family support and addiction problems linked to poverty need to be tackled.

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