World Mental Health Day 2018: Free Resources

This year the focus for World Mental Health Day is ‘Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World’. We often forget that young people are at a stage of their lives when significant change is a common occurrence to them.

So begins the introduction for this year’s World Mental Health Day from ACAMH CEO, Martin Pratt. While he considers the impact of changes on a micro and macro level and the importance of public health promotion for the individual and societal contributions it brings, Professor Stephen Scott, Chair of the ACAMH board, calls for an end to the “pitiful” investment in child and adolescent mental health, both in terms of research and services. Together they point towards the ongoing issues for young people’s mental health and what we as an organisation are doing to work towards a person-centred, evidence-based approach.

To mark the occasion, we have released free, peer-reviewed topic guides on Intellectual Disabilities, Parenting, and Tourette Syndrome respectively. These consider the development of the evidence bases in these areas, and we encourage you to go further and test your knowledge with our quiz on parenting interventions. We’ve revamped the Free View section of our website so a variety of new talks are available for you to watch for free and catch up on past conferences and events. Today we’re also releasing our latest podcast with Dr Duncan Law discussing the importance of everyday participation and improving the therapeutic alliance by collaboratively creating goals.

We aim to bridge the gap between rigorous research and best practice, and as part of this, we have released the following journal articles for free access until the end of October:

Finally, throughout October we will be offering membership trials at £10 for one month so you can discover the latest research and resources in the field of child and adolescent mental health.

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