• Online Attachment Resources

    Next year, the Emanuel Miller Memorial Lecture and National Conference 2019 will focus on Attachment & Early Intervention: Improving emotional wellbeing and relationships in the family, and at school. To celebrate this, we’re offering free access to some of ACAMH’s papers on attachment.

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  • Infant Mental Health Papers

    Papers from CAMH to celebrate our upcoming event ‘Infant Mental Health – How do early life influences impact on mental health?’ in Southampton, Wednesday 12 December.

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  • Autism and Attachment: A Need for Conceptual Clarity

    What do we mean by ‘attachment disorders’? Is there a meaningful distinction between these disorders and ‘attachment difficulties’? And where is the overlap with autism?

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  • Catherine Frogley

    Developmental Trauma: How useful is this framework?

    Dr Catherine Frogley reflects on the use of the developmental trauma framework from her perspective as a Clinical Psychologist working in a Post-Adoption Support Service.

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  • Gordon Harold

    The Olympics’ loss is psychology’s gain

    Discover what was Professor Gordon Harold’s somewhat unlikely start in psychology.

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  • Prof. Lionel Hersov, Editor of JCPP 1963-83, passes away

    Prof. Lionel Hersov, who was editor of JCPP from 1963-1983, passed away recently. In his role as its editor, which spanned two decades, he was the driving force behind the development of the journal. The JCPP team fondly remembers his great contribution. Prof. Patricia Howlin, King’s College London, recalls, “I had the pleasure of working […]

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  • I have one of the best jobs in the world

    “For me words just can’t do justice to the pride and importance I attach to working for ACAMH, I think I’ve got one of the best jobs in the world working with a team of professionals who are really evidently passionate about their work and how it impacts on the wellbeing of children and adolescents.”

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  • Guest Blog

    What is attachment theory used for?

    Attachment theory is amongst the most popular theories of child development and has received much attention from psychologists and researchers across the world for the last 50 years. Such popularity implies that it is perceived by many to be of great importance and utility to understanding people and their behaviour in different contexts – but, why?

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  • Adoption and attachment: A parent’s perspective

    Guest blog from Dr Taylor: “I am grateful for the opportunity to recount my experience of inviting a traumatised child into my family. If I can persuade those working in children’s services to change this experience, even for just one family, I will have achieved something worthwhile.”

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  • Positive news on the Peer Education Project

    A new school-based programme by the Mental Health Foundation called the Peer Education Project (PEP) has been making leaps and bounds in tackling rising issues with mental health in young people.

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