• Valuing the work of therapy: how to take real value into account

    What is the gap between what we value in the work of therapy, and how we measure it? How as a society do we evaluate the worth of child therapy compared to the tangible results we’re used to measuring.

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  • Just what does a learning disability nurse do?

    ”As a clinical nurse specialist, and manager, there is no typical day.”- Julie Blackaby. “It is probably the liveliest and most exciting it has been since the advent of the NHS”- Noeleen Morritt.

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  • Congratulations to Professor Tamsin Ford CBE

    We are delighted for ACAMH Board member, Professor Tamsin Ford who has been awarded a CBE for services to psychiatry.

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  • Dr. Anula Nikapota

    Dr Anula Nikapota – R.I.P.

    It is with great sadness that I have to inform you Dr Anula Nikapota died on 4 April, suddenly while on holiday with her family. We are very shocked by her sudden death. Many of us will remember Anula for her many accomplishments for ACAMH on top of her great expertise clinically and educationally.

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  • What is the effect of post-institutionalisation? A research digest

    Research digest on DePasquale, Donzella and Gunnar’s (2018) study, which was published JCPP ‘Pubertal recalibration of cortisol reactivity following early life stress: a cross‐sectional analysis’.

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  • CAMH journal – why you should get involved

    Dr Dennis Ougrin, Editor in Chief of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal and Dr Bernadka Dubicka‏, Deputy Editor in Chief, discuss the future of CAMH and why you should submit papers for consideration.

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  • Bipolar debate

    In the latest edition of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal we have a series of papers debating Bipolar. Get involved and give us your views.

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  • Professor Pasco Fearon

    Professor Pasco Fearon and attachment

    Professor Pasco Fearon discusses his work on attachment in this short podcast with ACAMH.

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