The Bridge

  • Neuroscience Edition

    Welcome to this Neuroscience themed edition of The Bridge.
    The Royal College of Psychiatrists is currently promoting the neurosciences in its curriculum, for training Psychiatrists of the future. One of the many reasons for this is to develop more “Parity of Esteem” between physical and mental health conditions.

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  • Self-Harm & Suicide Issue – Foreword from the Editor

    As a clinician, it certainly does feel that more and more young people are being referred, following self harm or with suicidal ideas, to the CAMHS service I work in. This nationwide increase in numbers is acknowledged in recent government reports, which are summarised in this edition.

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  • Autism & Intellectual Disability

    This edition of the Bridge is on Autism & Intellectual Disability.

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  • The Bridge – Gender Issue

    Welcome to The Bridge – this month focusses on gender diversity in children and young people. 

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  • The Bridge – Informatics issue

    Welcome to this informatics themed edition of the Bridge.

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  • Front cover of The Bridge

    The Bridge Returns

    Welcome back to ‘The Bridge’. The full set of articles will be published in December for ACAMH Members.

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  • The hardest thing to do is say goodbye

    “It was an accident,” says Dr Mark Lovell. But what is he referring to?

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