Associate Professor Dr. Julie Hadwin

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Associate Professor Dr. Julie Hadwin
Associate Professor Dr. Julie Hadwin

Julie Hadwin is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Liverpool Hope University and a member of the Childhood Research Forum and the Centre for Education and Policy Analysis. In her research she has utilised attentional frameworks and experimental methods to understand learning and social challenges for children and adolescents who experience elevated anxiety, and where her findings have a clear translational element. Ongoing projects sit at the interface of education and psychology and aim to investigate the development of effective practices in the classroom that enhance the student learning experience. Julie Hadwin’s research has involved working with colleagues to extend the focus of this programme of research to children and adolescents diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Julie is looking forward to collaborating with Henrik and the JCPP Advances team to identify research papers that use innovative methodologies to test and develop our understanding of core theoretical principles in development and developmental psychopathology and that have important implications for academic and non-academic end-users.

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