Long Term Outcomes for Children with Autism


Event type SIG

Canada Water Culture Space, London

Prof. Patricia Howlin

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This is the latest in a series of talks arranged by the ACAMH Learning Disability Special Interest Group (LASER SIG). It is dedicated to sharing of specialist knowledge, skills and updates on relevant research and service development.

Prof. Patricia Howlin
Prof. Patricia Howlin


Professor Emeritus, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London and Professor of Developmental Disability, University of Sydney

Patricia’s principal research interests focus on the long-term prognosis for individuals with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders and on developing intervention programmes that may help to improve outcome. Professor Howlin is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and has served as Chair of the UK Association of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and the Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes. She is a founding editor of the journal Autism. Recent awards include the INSAR Life-time Achievement Award and the Kanner-Asperger medal from the German, Austrian, Swiss Society for Research in Autism Spectrum Conditions.


10:00 – 11:00: Professor Patricia Howlin

11:00 – 12:00: Case discussion

12:00 – 12:30: Lunch