Postponed - Trans Children and Young People Twilight Meeting

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24 Mar 2017

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Twilight meeting
Alder Hey Children's Hospital
L12 2AP

Over recent years the numbers of trans children and young people coming out and presenting within NHS services has grown substantially. As our society changes and young people explore themselves and their identities sooner its important that health and social services have the tools, knowledge and information to best meet and response to young people's needs. Whilst being trans itself is not a mental health issue the social and cultural pressures placed on young people lead to the high rates of self harm (80% of young trans people) and attempted suicide (40% of trans people) we see from the existing research in this area. Alongside the evolution of healthservices into more integrated and flexible services it is important that health professionals are able to influence and work with colleagues from across health education and wider social care to influence and support the needs of trans young people.

Why Should You Attend:

This event will give you the oppourtunity to hear from leading professionals from both the NHS and Third Sector who are at the vanguard of influencing service development to support trans children and young people in the UK. Attendees will have their knowledge about young people's emerging identities exapnded and their experiences placed in the context of what the wider social and cultural pressures influence their wider mental health and wellbeing needs. The event will be an open space for learning and questions with our speakers able to answer questions from across a range of health, education and legal areas.

About Our Speakers:

Tara Hewitt

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead - University Hospital South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust & Freelance Diversity Consultant

Tara is the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at University Hospital of South Manchester and also works as a Diversity Consultant delivering support to organisations across the UK. This year Tara was shortlisted for the Excellence in Diversity Awards for her work across the NHS and has previously appeared in the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List of the top 100 most influential LGBT People in the UK.

Tara has worked closely with CAMHs teams over the last five years providing training, support for multi-disciplinary teams as well as direct contact with families providing information and support on trans issues. As part of this work she has delivered workshops for young people in schools, workshops for primary/secondary school teachers and engaged with pastoral support staff to improve trans inclusion within education and ultimately the wellbeing of young people regionally. Alongside Action for Trans Health and WipeOut Transphobia Tara helped deliver the two biggest ever NHS conferences on Trans health, reaching out to over 230 doctors, nurses and clinical staff from across the NHS. As a freelance consultant Tara has worked with over 15 different NHS organisations across a variety of clinical environments in the UK and continues to engage regularly with clinicians to reduce health inequalities and improve the quality of care that is provided to trans adults and young people.

Tara is passionate about helping to create a more positive and inclusive society working directly with local communities to empower and amplify their voice and is one of the founding members of the Trans Equality Legal Initiative which brings together leading human rights lawyers and trans organisations to help tackle the policy and statutory barriers that still exist. Alongside this work she regularly contributes to radio, TV and the written media as a commentator promoting equality, inclusion and human rights.

Jess Bradley

Director - Action for Trans Health

Jess Bradley is a founder and director of Action for Trans Health, the largest trans led organisations focusing directly on patient advocacy and healthcare campaigning in the UK. She is also a qualified health impact assessor and recently gave evidence on trans healthcare inequalities at the Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry into transgender equality.

Jess has worked closely with the NHS on conferences and events aimed at improving the delivery of care to trans adults and young people across the UK and has a strong background working on trans and equality issues within higher education across the UK.

Jess is a leading member of the Trans Equality Legal Initiative and has worked across a wide range of statutory and policy issues effecting the trans community from asylum and immigration to economic and social inequalities that still exist.

Kate Hutchinson

Director of Training - Wipe Out Transphobia

Kate Hutchinson is the Director of Training at Wipe Out Transphobia. They are an organisation based in North Wales but engage in worldwide campaigns via social media to raise awareness of and educate about trans issues. Kate has provided training and support for a number of organisations including Barnardo’s and Welsh Womens aid.

In October 2015 she was invited by Stonewall Cymru the LBGT charity to deliver the first session for them within Wales on ‘Supporting Trans Staff’ at their Workplace conference at the millennium centre in Cardiff.  She is a volunteer for a number of organisations including Diversity Role Models where she is part of a group of positive role models who visit schools across the UK to share their experiences with young people to tackle LGBT bullying within schools.

She is also a facilitator for All About Trans who are an organisation that interact with various media organisations to help bring positive and realistic portrayal of trans people in the media. As part of her work in this capacity she has met with members of the audience council for BBC Wales to talk about her life and experiences. She also facilitates sessions between people from the trans community and media outlets such as the BBC on awareness and trans representation in the media as part of this on going work.

Kate is also involved with several Trans youth projects and will be leading the education section of the Trans Equality Legal Initiative conference at Linklater Solicitor’s London HQ in November.



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