Introduction to Autism Spectrum Conditions

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5 Jun 2017

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Training day
ORT House
126 Albert St, Camden

The day is aimed at clinicians who are seeking a good grounding in the understanding and identification of Autism Spectrum Conditions.


During this one-day conference the following aspects will be covered:

The changing face of autism:

NICE Guidance and the identification and assessment of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)

The Triad (and now Diad) of Impairments

The importance of understanding the sensory experience

Examples of ASC profiles

  • ASC in girls
  • Cognitive profiles (e.g. Executive Functioning difficulties)
  • Explaining the diagnosis – Adjusting to the Diagnosis workshops
  • Myths and Facts – causes of autism
  • Co-morbidity (e.g. ADHD and Anxiety)
  • Post-Diagnostic provision/resources.

Why attend?

After you have attended this seminar you will:

  • Have a greater understanding of how our understanding and conceptualization of ASC has evolved
  • Be aware of evidence based practice in the recognition, referral and diagnostic assessment of ASC and understand the importance of robust systems.
  • Be able to identify the Triad of Impairments and how these present differently for young people with ASC
  • Have a greater awareness of the prevalence and pattern of co-morbid conditions and coexisting cognitive difficulties.
  • Have an understanding of different approaches to explaining the diagnosis to families and offering support.

About the speaker

Dr Jenny Milne

Consultant Clinical Psychologist who worked within the NHS for over 15 years with young people with ASC and their families. She now works independently with a number of private and non-profit making organisations in the assessment and management of social interaction difficulties. She also works with NHS Trusts on waiting list initiatives to help reduce waiting times for ASC assessments.

Dr Milne is an ADOS-2 Trainer and is also trained/experienced in a variety of intervention tools and parent and child programmes (for example EarlyBird Plus, Cygnet and Secret Agent Society).

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