Appearing in Court


26th January 2018

Event type Day Conference

IET Glasgow

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Professionals who work with children are frequently required to attend court proceedings to be an advocate, witness or expert relating to the wellbeing of children.

They may be required give evidence on the needs of vulnerable children, looked after children and those with complex mental health needs. A common example of this is when a social worker is required to act as a witness in a case safeguarding children’s welfare.

To successfully support these children it is essential to be able to navigate the court system, to feel comfortable and confident in disseminating information, and to be clear in the outcomes that are best for the children involved.

This conference is aimed at helping the professional cope with the experience of giving evidence in various legal settings from Children’s Hearings to the Sheriff Court. There will be presentations from senior members of the legal profession, experienced clinicians and agencies who represent children in legal matters. There will also be an exciting opportunity to meet the new Children’s Commissioner in Scotland, Bruce Adamson. There will be guidance for those who are asked to submit reports on their cases.


• Bruce Adamson – Children and Young People’s Commissioner, Scotland
• Pauline Cavanagh – Partners in Advocacy
• Barbara Paterson – Area Reporter, Children’s Hearings
• Dr Robert Lindsey – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
• Margaret Carlin – Solicitor
• Sheriff Morag Shankland


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