Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry – Annual Research Review Pt. 2 Professor Louise Arseneault and Dr Andrea Danese

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Join Professor Louise Arseneault and Dr Andrea Danese as they discuss bullying, childhood adversity and their contributions to the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry’s Annual Research Review.

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Read their papers:

Annual Research Review: The persistent and pervasive impact of being bullied in childhood and adolescence: implications for policy and practice
Louise Arseneault

Commentary: Biological embedding of childhood adversity: where do we go from here? A reflection on Koss and Gunnar (2018)
Andrea Danese

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I am pleased to learn that this discussion is taking place. However, from the abstracts at least it is unclear whether the review is linking to the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) research. One ACE – parental mental Illness – which has been a particular concern in my work and in the work of my charity – The Kidstime Foundation, is both particularly relevant to bullying. It is also an ACE for which there are relatively simple interventions to improve resilience. I would be interested to know if the reaearchers have taken this on board.

Stacey Kelly

Hi Dr Cooklin, thanks for your comment! With regards to the bullying review in particular, the paper mentions a variety of parental factors including education level, negative parenting, depression, supervision, socioeconomic status. It also highlights the need for more attention to the role of genetic factors. You can find the full paper here:

In the video above, they also discuss measurements of adverse experience at 34m00:

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