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Matt Kempen
Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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The Child and Adolescent Mental Health journal (CAMH) invites you to participate in our reviewer experience survey. The survey invites you to share your experience as a reviewer, discuss how reviewer credits have influenced your own professional learning and reflect on how reviewing papers can further research and learning. Please share your experience of reviewing for any journal, it does need to be reflective of reviewing for CAMH specifically. Plus we’ll be selecting 3 people at random to win £50* worth of vouchers for the book store of their choice. *(or currency equivalent)

This survey seeks to establish why reviewing a paper is a viable option for receiving credits for continued medical education (CME) and how reviewing papers is an active form of learning for reviewers. As professionals seek to acquire new knowledge and stay up to date with treatment advances, journals work to provide topical and important papers that can cover these learning areas. The data collected from this survey will help us to assess the importance of reviewer credits and establish if they would be suitable for CAMH reviewers.

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Excellent exposure knoledge and tools for the patients

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