2-4-1 ticket offer on Child Bereavement Conference – Limited offer

Matt Kempen

Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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We have a special offer for our upcoming Child Bereavement Conference on Friday 2 February in Cardiff. Until Friday 19 January we are offering two tickets for the price of one for those attending in person.

Telephone 020 7403 7458 to secure your tickets, or email events@acamh.org for details

NB offer does not apply to Publications/Digital Members

When a child loses someone who is significant to them it can be one of the hardest and most testing times of their lives. Not just in the here and now but throughout adulthood. Bereavement can affect children and young people in different ways, and whilst grieving is a totally natural part of recovering from bereavement, this grieving process can be an individual journey. Indeed there are no standard timelines or rules about how a person should feel. Further to the difficulties faced by young people is that it is unlikely that friends would have gone through anything similar, may have difficulty empathising or understanding, and may not know what to say.

This conference will be a mixture of lectures, presentations and case studies that will cover a broad range of elements of child bereavement, taking into account the latest research on the subject. The afternoon sessions will focus on child bereavement practices, and all sessions will have the opportunity for questions to the speakers.

Take a look at the day Child Bereavement Conference

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