ADHD Masterclass 2020 confirmed

Matt Kempen
Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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We are delighted to announce two ADHD Masterclass events in 2020 with the world’s leading experts, Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke, and Professor Sam Cortese.

Edmund is Professor of Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the IoPPN, Kings College London. Sam is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Professor at the University of Southampton and Honorary Consultant with Solent NHS Trust.

This day would be beneficial to those who work in a clinical or research setting with an advanced understanding of ADHD in children and young people. In particular; consultants, clinical leads, specialty doctors, nurse practitioners, educational psychologists, senior researchers, and those that work with children affected with mental health issues.

Full details about each event can be found at the links below.

ADHD Masterclass 15 May 2020, London

ADHD Masterclass 18 September 2020, London

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