Assessment & diagnosis in CYP with neuro problems – slides London

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Slides for the event ‘Assessment and diagnosis in children with neurodevelopmental problems’ will be available for download as and when they are supplied. Please click on the title to download the slides in pdf format. Last updated Thursday 3 Oct 12.30pm

Introduction: Can we deliver neurodevelopmental assessment to all the children and young people who need it? How? Dr. Max Davie

The Journey: How can we make the family’s journey through assessment easier and less stressful? Mary Busk

How can we integrate assessment across education, health and social care? Amanda LeComber

Why diagnose? Why refrain from diagnosing? Dr. Mark Lovell

When does needs assessment end and diagnosis begin? Sally Payne

How does diagnosis and formulation fit together- when do you choose which? Dr. Lauren Breese

Getting neurodevelopmental assessment right in socially vulnerable kids. Led by Dr. Carmen Pinto
Integrating mental health and neurodevelopmental assessments. Led by Dr. Ann Oszividjian
Managing diagnosis: multiplicity removal, grey areas. Led by Dr. Mark Lovell

Closing plenary
Developmental language disorder: how will the new kid on the block fit in? Professor Courtenay Norbury

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