In Conversation… Emotional Regulation with Dr. Emily McGlinchey, and Dr. Joseph Morning

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Dr. Emily McGlinchey, and Dr. Joseph Morning discuss Harnessing Emotional Regulation Skills.

They talk about how emotional regulation manifests in children and young people, together with the key strategies and interventions. There is advice and tips for parents, and a discussion about the role of education and what schools can do.

Dr. McGlinchey explains the current research, key takeaways, and importance of putting the research into practice. This is further explained by Dr. Morning as he gives examples of his work at Verbal, and WellRead.

You can listen to this podcast directly on our website or on the following platforms; SoundCloudiTunesSpotifyCastBox, DeezerGoogle Podcasts and (not available in the EU).

Dr. Emily McGlinchey

Dr. Emily McGlincheyDr. Emily McGlinchey is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Stress Trauma and Related Conditions (STARC) Research Lab, based in the Psychology Department of Queen’s University (QUB). Emily is also a BPS accredited Low-Intensity CBT (LI-CBT) therapist with over 3 years of clinical experience working across a range of both statutory and non-statuary mental health services. Emily has a research interest in the area of applied mental health, particularly in the areas of internalising disorders (such as anxiety or depression) and emotional dysregulation. Emily is currently involved in a number of high profile mental health research projects based in QUB.

Dr. Joseph Morning
Dr. Joseph Morning

Dr. Joseph Morning is currently working as Psychology Manager at Verbal, a charitable organisation which works in partnership to enhance wellbeing among individuals and communities using language-based interventions. Joseph has research interests in the area of sub-clinical psychopathology development, as well as child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing. Joseph is currently working within an interdisciplinary team developing WellRead, a parent-led digital bibliotherapeutic intervention designed to promote emotional wellbeing in young people.

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