In Conversation…Addiction and Substance Use with Ian Hamilton

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Ian Hamilton discusses the impact that substance use and addiction can have on a young person’s mental health.

Ian and freelance journalist Jo Carlowe discuss mental health problems and substance use co-occurring, the lack of data on young people’s substance use, risk factors and pathways to support.

You can listen to this podcast directly on our website or on the following platforms;  SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, CastBox, Deezer, Google Podcasts and (not available in the EU).

Ian is also the author of our topic guide on addiction and substance use, it includes useful links and what’s in the pipeline.

Associate Professor Ian Hamilton
Associate Professor Ian Hamilton

Ian is an Associate Professor of Addiction at the University of York. He is a lecturer in mental health in the Department of Health Sciences, with an interest in the relationship between substance use and mental health (Dual Diagnosis).

Ian trained and worked as a mental health nurse in South London, working with people who had a severe mental health problem and used drugs or alcohol problematically. He joined the Department in 2004 as a lecturer. His interest in this client group has continued through his work with teams which come into contact with such clients, and also facilitating sessions in this area.

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