• December 2019 issue – The Bridge

    Summaries include; if parental consanguinity predicts the severity of Autistic symptoms; study the transmission of intergenerational anxiety in families; systematic review into the effectiveness of available interventions to treat PTSD; the efficacy of teacher assessments vs exams to assess performance in UK schools; relationship between intolerance of uncertainty and extreme demand avoidance in young people with Autism; and how fluctuations in external environmental noise affect the developing Autonomic Nervous System in babies.

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  • Juliette Kennedy

    December 2019 The Bridge Editorial

    It has been 2 years since The Bridge was relaunched in its current form. Each monthly themed edition publishes summaries of selected papers from the ACAMH journals – JCPP and CAMH – and occasionally features guest research digests. Over the past two years we have covered a huge range of topics and published over 170 research summaries and counting.

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