Our branches play a critical role within ACAMH. They are the driving force behind our grassroots activity: in staging events, promoting the work of ACAMH, and providing insights at a local level.

The importance of this network cannot be underestimated, and we are incredibly proud to have such a dedicated network of volunteers to run our branches. Without their efforts, ACAMH could not continue to operate at the forefront of child and adolescent mental health research and dissemination.

The branches provide a sounding board for our national activities and act as a powerful voice in campaigning and championing ACAMH’s strategic objectives.

Branches have regular committee meetings to discuss innovative ideas, topical issues, and plan events for their region. This local network activity feeds into the ACAMH national and international programme with fresh ideas and opinions.

We are looking to recruit new volunteers to the branch network, and will be offering a range of benefits for those who can commit and assist ACAMH in our efforts to support and drive forward innovation relating to child and adolescent mental health. If you would like to be part of a branch committee, or to volunteer, please contact for more information.