• Dr Max Davie, Paediatrician, holding a sign about ACAMH

    Q&A with Dr Max Davie, Consultant Paediatrician

    Interview with Dr Max Davie, Consultant Paediatrician, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust & ACAMH Board Member.

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  • Welsh branch puts on dyslexia day with academic heavyweights

    Conference review Dyslexia: From assessment to intervention This September saw ACAMH’s Wales branch host a one day conference on dyslexia in Cardiff. Over sixty delegates made the trip to the city’s All Nations’ Centre to listen to talks from leading researchers and practitioners. The day was opened with a warm welcome from Dr Owen Barry, […]

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  • A young boy sitting at a table

    Talking therapies and adapting for autism

    Dr Ann Ozsivadjian is a clinical psychologist who specialises in making talking therapies work for children with autism. Her job at St Thomas’ Hospital in London was created at the request of the parents of autistic children, who were having trouble with conventional talking therapies. “Accessing therapy can be difficult for people with autism spectrum […]

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  • Practicing what we preach

    Today is World Mental Health Day, with this year’s theme being mental health in the workplace. I believe the most valuable asset any organisation has are its staff, and their wellbeing should be paramount to every CEO.

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  • What is happening to me?

    That is what I always asked myself as a 12-year-old student while facing my first few years at secondary school. A younger Jessica was lost, struggling so much academically and constantly feeling like a failure. I felt like no matter how hard I tried, I was and will never ever be good enough.

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  • Mental health in schools

    “Sometimes you feel like a volcano erupting,” one eight-year-old boy told us, “but if you come to Place2Be, you can cool down.”

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  • The pariah of dyslexia

    Sometimes, academia calls for a thick skin, particularly if you’re notorious for denouncing an entire area of research.

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  • The Parent Blame Game

    Seventy years ago Leo Kanner published his seminal paper describing autism. In that paper he also coined the term “refrigerator mother” apportioning some of the cause for the distinctive profile of autistic behaviour to cold, harsh parenting practices.

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  • dyslexia beadle

    I was horribly misinformed about dyslexia

    According to the British Dyslexia Association, up to 10% of people in the UK show some signs of the condition.

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  • Esther Beadle

    What does anxiety mean for a 10-year old girl?

    Esther Beadle explores her experiences of helping young girls identifying anxiety.

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