ACAMH Hubs refer to our Branches, Special Interest Groups (SIGS), and affiliated International Hubs across the globe.


Our branches are the driving force behind our grassroots activity by staging events, promoting our work, and providing insights at a local level. They provide a sounding board for our national activities and act as a powerful voice in campaigning and championing our strategic objectives. Branches have regular committee meetings to discuss innovative ideas, topical issues, and events for their region, which feeds into our national and international programme with fresh ideas and opinions. We are incredibly proud to have such a dedicated network of volunteers to run our branches. Without their efforts, ACAMH could not continue to operate at the forefront of child and adolescent mental health research and dissemination.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are the place to go for a comprehensive body of knowledge that deals with specific mental health issues. The work of the SIGs is invaluable and we want more ACAMH members, and non-members to become involved. Each SIG comprises of knowledgable, passionate, and engaging people. SIGs provide a key ACAMH resource that is the basis for some excellent content comprising blogs, podcasts, best practice, and events. If you are interested in establishing a SIG, do please email for more details.

Current SIGS:

International Hubs
ACAMH International Hubs a new venture that aims to bring together mental health professionals to share evidence-based research that can help bridge the gap to best practice. You’ll have the opportunity to share content in your own language and promote events and activities. To find out more about setting up and International Hub please email our CEO

Other useful organisations

Our vision is to be ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’, and to this end ACAMH have endorsed the following external organisations where you can access a variety of information, advice, support. To be part of this growing list please email our CEO for details of how to apply.

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    Devon and Cornwall ACAMH Branch

    The Devon and Cornwall ACAMH Branch aim to support local practitioners and highlight topics relevant to children, young people and families living in Devon and Cornwall.

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  • ACEs

    Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Special Interest Group

    Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Special Interest Group SIG will consider how to improve services, including assessment and intervention.

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  • Portrait,Of,Elementary,School,Pupils,Wearing,Uniform,Standing,In,Classroom

    Teacher Hub

    This Teachers Hub brings together the resources on our website that is most relevant, and useful, for teachers to use.

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  • other organisations group

    Other organisations

    ACAMH has endorsed the following organisations where you can access a variety of information, advice, support.

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  • India ACAMH Hub

    A warm welcome to the India ACAMH Hub.

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  • West Midlands ACAMH Branch

    Here at West Midlands ACAMH we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of you who have an interest in children and young people’s mental health and psychological wellbeing. Whether you are a psychiatrist, psychologist, teacher, social worker, nurse or other who supports children in a professional capacity or whether your expertise comes from caring for a young person with mental health issues, we believe ACAMH has something valuable to offer.

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  • Scottish ACAMH Branch

    Welcome to Scotland!

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  • ACAMH Malta Branch

    Malta ACAMH Branch

    We might be the smallest state in the European Union but we are the biggest branch at ACAMH!

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  • Early Intervention in Youth Mental Health SIG

    The Early Intervention in Youth Mental Health Special Interest Group (SIG) is optimising effective service delivery and long-term outcomes in Ireland.

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  • Learning Disability SIG – LASER SIG

    The Learning Disabilities Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to provide a learning, professional development and peer support forum for CAMHS clinicians.

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