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Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP)

The Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP), an internationally acclaimed, world-leading child & adolescent psychology and psychiatry journal. JCPP has an Impact Factor of 7.6 (2021 – 8.265). JCPP is a true market leader and is widely cited in authoritative reviews and landmark research.

The Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry brings together empirical research, clinical studies and reviews in order to advance how we understand and approach child and adolescent mental health. It is published each month by Wiley.

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“JCPP… integrates clinical and developmental perspectives, it is truly international, and interdisciplinary, and it combines high scientific standards with attention to clinical relevance.”

Professor Sir Michael Rutter

Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH)

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH)  journal, a high quality, peer-review of child and adolescent mental health services research. This has articles for practitioners describing evidence-based clinical methods and clinically orientated research. CAMH has an Impact Factor of 6.1 (2021 – 4.111).

It is internationally respected and easily accessible for all mental health practitioners. It is published on a quarterly basis by Wiley.

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“CAMH …provides busy practitioners with an entertaining (and) intellectually respectable account of current research.”

Peter Bryant, Nature

JCPP Advances

JCPP Advances launched in Spring 2021. It is a new, high quality, high impact open access journal in the field of child psychology and psychiatry and related disciplines. It builds on the values and prestige of its sister publication, the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, to advance the field by opening new opportunities for diverse researchers and for the dissemination of innovative science. 

It has a commitment to open science, rapid publication and creating a high-quality publishing experience for authors. It aims to promote ground-breaking research, new theoretical perspectives and methodological innovation. JCPP Advances operates a fast manuscript transfer system from its sister publication. We make it easier for authors to submit their work through format free submission. For many we provide easy access to institutional open access funds.

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JCPP Advances adopts the continuous publication format and publishes four issues per annual volume.

“Great to see the launch of our sister journal JCPP Advances – what a welcome addition to the JCPP family. It’s a fully Open Access journal that complements JCPP, and Henrik and I will work closely together to give authors the greatest possible choice of publication models while continuing to ensure, as always, the highest scientific standards and production values.”
Edmund Sonuga-Barke, JCPP Editor-in-Chief