Learning Disability SIG


The development of mental health services for children and young people with Learning Disabilities in the UK has been sporadic and ad hoc, and indeed in many parts of the country this provision was, until very recently, completely lacking. The last ten or so years have seen more attention directed to service provision in this area by the Department of Health and by mental health commissioners and providers, but the availability of specialist knowledge and skills in assessing and treating children and young people with learning disabilities and mental health problems is still very limited (e.g. Pote & Goodban, 2007).

Objectives of the SIG

The SIG, one of the first to be set up under ACAMH (in 2008), aims to provide a learning, professional development and peer support forum for CAMHS clinicians who are delivering mental health and psychological services to children and young people with moderate and severe learning difficulties and their carers, as well as for those undertaking research with this client group.

The focus is on SIG members sharing and promoting specialist skills, updating themselves on clinically relevant research and service developments, learning more about evidence based practice in the field and discussing complex cases in a multi disciplinary context. Uniquely, this is the only multi disciplinary forum for professionals (clinicians and academics) working with children and young people with learning disabilities in the UK. This is one of the aspects of the SIG that members value most. Membership of the SIG and presentations by researchers and academics who have active links with clinical practice are encouraged.


First issue of the Laser Sig Newsletter – Download a pdf of our Sept 2019 issue

Articles include:

Just what does a learning disability nurse do?

Good intentions, good enough?

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