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  • Dr. Cornelius Ani

    Dr. Cornelius Ani

    Dr. Cornelius Ani is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Division of Psychiatry, Imperial College London, and a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the African Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Dr Ani is responsible for the Letters to the Editor section and he contributes editorial expertise in the area of Low and Middle Income Countries, inequalities, and physical health.

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  • Mental Health Support in a Paediatric Diabetes Clinic

    The importance of supporting children and young people with their mental health, in addition to their physical health condition. Blog by Hetashi Bawa.

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  • The ‘obesogenic’ environment of adolescent inpatient units: A call for action to support the promotion of better physical wellbeing

    The term ‘obesogenic’ has been used to describe the unique set of circumstances people experience on mental health inpatient units which results in a propensity for weight gain. Find out about the implications and interventions.

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