Sleep and Sleep disorders

  • Dimitris Tsomokos

    Chronotype and Depression in Adolescence

    We know that there is a bidirectional association between sleep duration/quality and depressive symptoms in youth. In adult populations depressive symptoms and circadian rhythms (sleep chronotype) have also been linked. In this paper, we established an association between chronotype and depressive symptoms in middle adolescence, independently of poor sleep and prior mental health difficulties.

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  • Innocent,Girl,In,Bedroom,Having,Sleeplessness,Night

    Catching some zzz’s – Sleep, Sleep Hygiene, and Wellbeing

    This World Sleep Day (15 March) we encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website and learn more about the importance of sleep health in children and young people. Help us to raise awareness of sleep health through sharing with your networks and colleagues.

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