substance use

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    Addiction & Substance Use – Ask The Expert (recording)

    For this session for teachers and education professionals we welcomed Dr. Paolo Deluca to share his knowledge and insights into addiction and substance use amongst young people.

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  • Dr. Séverine Lannoy

    Suicidal Ideation During Adolescence: Genetic Liability & Negative Life Events

    In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Séverine Lannoy about her recent JCPP paper ‘Suicidal ideation during adolescence: The roles of aggregate genetic liability for suicide attempts and negative life events in the past year’, published in the JCPP Special Issue 2022.

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  • Dr. Blandine French

    Managing Impulsive and Risky Behaviour – Episode 6 ‘ADHD, A Young Person’s Guide’

    (TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this podcast discusses self-harm, substance abuse, sexual consent, and behaviours that can be described as impulsive or risky.)

    Hosted by Dr. Blandine French, this podcast series focuses on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) and is designed to help young people and their families. This episode focuses on managing impulsive and risky behaviour, and Blandine is joined by Ruth Pearse, from Parenting Special Children. This podcast also features clips from two young adults, Emily and Alex, who share their lived experiences of ADHD, and managing impulsive and risky behaviour.

    We are delighted to produce this podcast series in partnership with Clinical Partners, the UK’s largest private mental health partnership.

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  • Dr. Jillian Halladay

    Youth Substance Use and Co-occurring Mental Health Concerns

    In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Jillian Halladay, winner of ACAMH’s Research Trainee of the Year 2021 Award, about her research into the co-occurrence of substance use in youth in general and in acute clinical settings.

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  • Associate Professor Ian Hamilton

    In Conversation…Addiction and Substance Use with Ian Hamilton

    Ian Hamilton and Jo Carlowe discuss mental health problems and substance use co-occurring, the lack of data on young people’s substance use and risk factors and pathways to support.

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