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ADHD issue

Welcome to this ADHD themed issue of The Bridge.

Our science journalist Ben Upton has pulled together a summary of recent research from the JCCP/CAMH in this area for you. There is good evidence that there are language deficits in children with ADHD and the authors suggest that language assessment be included in the diagnostic process. This is important as language deficits need to be identified, but screening can have major resource implications.

We also have an interview with Professor Eric Taylor. Eric has been a friend to ACAMH for many years and has seen many, many children with ADHD over his long career and engaged in much research in this area. It is an honour to hear his insights.

We also hear from parents who have children with ADHD and one parent who also has a diagnosis. It is a highly heritable condition, so meeting family members who share the diagnosis of ADHD or who have traits, is common in clinical practice. As a clinician, I have always found that the best way to really understand a condition, is to listen in detail to the concerns of those who experience it.

I do hope you find this edition a helpful update. Email with details of what you’d like to see in future issues. A pdf of The Bridge ADHD issue is available to download. Please feel free to share this with colleagues, together with the direct links to the articles below.