Methodological Review: Why we need families in genomic research on developmental psychopathology

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‘Why we need families in genomic research on developmental psychopathology’

Open Access from JCPP Advances

Background – Fundamental questions about the roles of genes, environments, and their interplay in developmental psychopathology have traditionally been the domain of twin and family studies. More recently, the rapidly growing availability of large genomic datasets, composed of unrelated individuals, has generated novel insights. However, there are major stumbling blocks. Only a small fraction of the total genetic influence on childhood psychopathology estimated from family data is captured with measured DNA. Moreover, genetic influence identified using DNA is often confounded with indirect genetic effects of relatives, population stratification and assortative mating.

Authors: Rosa Cheesman, Ziada Ayorech, Espen M. Eilertsen, Eivind Ystrom

First published: 27 January 2023

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