JCPP Editorial: Volume 64, Issue 03, March 2023

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Using parenting interventions as treatments and brain development – are we at the end of the beginning yet?

Megan R. Gunnar


This editorial discusses where we stand in understanding how parenting interventions, frequently used in the treatment of child emotional and behavioral disorders, affect the brain systems that contribute to these disorders. It concludes that although we have some evidence from RCTs that improving adverse parenting causally impacts some aspects of brain development, there is almost nothing examining parenting randomized controlled trials to treat child clinical disorders and effects on brain structure or function. It argues that if we are to be a brain science, such studies are needed.

We hope you enjoy the full editorial of this Issue, which is free on the Wiley Online Library.

Dr. Megan R Gunnar

Megan Gunnar is a Specialist subject Editor for JCPP, her full profile can be found here.

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