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I am a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working clinically in a North Yorkshire CAMHS team. I am Associate Director of Medical Education in the trust I work in, also Training Program director for CAMHS higher training in Yorkshire.

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Foreword from the Editor

Welcome to The Bridge – this month focusses on gender diversity in children and young people. 

Turban et al research review in JCCP 2017 is summarised here.  Gender concern in young people can be associated with a great deal of distress;  Turban et al propose that external social reactions, rather than internal conflicts, may be the primary cause of distress/depression/anxiety, that may then be linked to self-harm risk. It is highlighted that support and acceptance of gender variance, by family and friends and protection from bullying and discrimination, are crucial in preventing mental distress and the potential emergence of mental health problems in young people with gender concerns.  The support and campaigning work of Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence is also described here.  Young people and families whom I have worked with, have found that contact with other young people in a similar position, or further ahead in their journey,  very helpful and supportive.  Both organisations also provide information and advice to professionals working with young people and have a lot of information on their websites.

I hope you find this edition helpful. This pdf has some of the articles from the Gender edition of The Bridge, please feel free to share this and the direct links below with colleagues. Email with details of what you’d like to see in future issues.

Articles in this month’s edition

Mermaids – helping gender diverse young people

Affirmative care may elicit the best mental health outcomes in transgender youths

Gendered Intelligence – helping young trans people

Self image estimations impact on mental health

Elevated anxiety risk in sexual minority adolescents

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