• Dimitris Tsomokos

    Chronotype and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence

    In this Papers Podcast, Dimitris Tsomokos discusses his JCPP Advances paper ‘Chronotype and depression in adolescence: Results from a UK birth cohort study’. Dimitris is the first author of the paper. There is an overview of the paper, methodology, key findings, and implications for practice.

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  • Dimitris Tsomokos

    Chronotype and Depression in Adolescence

    We know that there is a bidirectional association between sleep duration/quality and depressive symptoms in youth. In adult populations depressive symptoms and circadian rhythms (sleep chronotype) have also been linked. In this paper, we established an association between chronotype and depressive symptoms in middle adolescence, independently of poor sleep and prior mental health difficulties.

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  • John Weisz

    The Internalizing Paradox – Youth Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

    In this Papers Podcast, Dr. John Weisz discusses his JCPP paper ‘Research Review: The internalizing paradox – youth anxiety and depression symptoms, psychotherapy outcomes, and implications for research and practice’. There is an overview of the paper, methodology, key findings, and implications for practice.

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  • Dr. Bernadka Dubicka

    Professor Bernadka Dubicka – Editor in Chief

    Editor in Chief, Bernadka qualified in medicine and psychology at the University of London, completing child psychiatry training and her thesis in adolescent depression at the University of Manchester. She is the chief investigator of the National Institute of Health Research multi-site BAY trial of web-based Behavioural Activation in young people with depression (2022-26).

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  • Dr. Susanne Schweizer

    The Relationship between Cognitive and Affective Control and Adolescent Mental Health

    In this Papers Podcast, Dr. Susanne Schweizer discusses her JCPP Advances paper ‘The relationship between cognitive and affective control and adolescent mental health’. Susanne is the lead author of the paper. There is an overview of the paper, methodology, key findings, and implications for practice.

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  • Professor Stephan Collishaw

    Professor Stephan Collishaw serves as co-director for the Wolfson Centre for Young People’s Mental Health and Professor in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Section in the Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences at Cardiff University.

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  • Annual Research Review: Neuroimmune network model of depression: a developmental perspective

    Open Access paper from the JCPP – ‘We have three goals for the present paper. First, we extend neuroimmune network models of mental and physical health to generate a developmental framework of risk for the onset of depression during adolescence. Second, we examine how a neuroimmune network perspective can help explain the high rates of comorbidity between depression and other psychiatric disorders across development, and multimorbidity between depression and stress-related medical illnesses. Finally, we consider how identifying neuroimmune pathways to depression can facilitate a ‘next generation’ of behavioral and biological interventions that target neuroimmune signaling to treat, and ideally prevent, depression in youth and adolescents.’ Robin Nusslock (pic) et al.

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  • Isaac Ahuvia

    What Works for Whom: Treatment Selection Approach for Single-Session Interventions for Depression

    In this Papers Podcast, Isaac Ahuvia discusses his JCPP paper ‘Evaluating a treatment selection approach for online single-session interventions for adolescent depression’. Isaac is the lead author of the paper.

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  • worried boy leaning against wall

    Mood Disorders in Children and Young People: What is new? – Emanuel Miller International Conference 2024

    Bookings NOW CLOSED
    ACAMH is delighted to have the privilege of introducing world-renowned researchers and clinicians working in the field of mood disorders for the 2024 Emanuel Miller International Conference.

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    Emanuel Miller International Conference
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  • Lea L. Backhausen

    Interplay of early negative life events, development of orbitofrontal cortical thickness and depression in young adulthood

    Open Access paper from JCPP Advances – ‘Using a complete longitudinal design with four time points, we examined whether NLE during childhood and early adolescence predict depressive symptoms in young adulthood through accelerated OFC thinning across adolescence.’ Lea L. Backhausen (pic) and Jonas Granzow et al.

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