JCPP Editors

Meet the editorial team behind the Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry.

  • Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke – Editor in Chief

    Editor in Chief, Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke is Professor of Developmental Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience working in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, King’s College London.

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  • Dr. Pasco Fearon- Deputing Editor in Chief

    Dr. Pasco Fearon is Chair of Developmental Psychopathology in the Division of Psychology & Language Sciences at University College London (UCL).

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  • Dr. Lucres Nauta-Jansen

    Dr. Lucres Nauta-Jansen is a Principal Investigator at the Department of Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychosocial care of Amsterdam UMC – VUmc, where she leads the research section Youth at Risk.

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  • Dr. Kristina Moll

    Dr. Kristina Moll is a developmental psychologist, leading the research unit and the university outpatient clinic for learning disorders at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics, and Psychotherapy, LMU hospital of the University of Munich, Germany.

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  • Dr. Geertjan Overbeek

    Geertjan Overbeek is a professor of child and adolescent development at the research institute child development and education (RICDE) at the University of Amsterdam.

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  • Professor Samuele Cortese, MD, PhD

    Samuele Cortese, MD, PhD is currently Full Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Southampton and Honorary Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist for Solent NHS Trust. He is also Adjunct Full Professor with the New York University (NYU).

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  • Professor Joan Asarnow

    Dr. Joan Asarnow

    Dr. Joan Asarnow is a Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA and Director of a SAMHSA-funded Center for Trauma-Informed Suicide, Self-Harm, and Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention (ASAP Center, with Co-Director Dr. David-Goldston) which offers trainings, consultation, and technical assistance on trauma-informed approaches to evaluation and treatment for reducing suicide and self-harm risk.

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  • Dr Helen Fisher

    Dr. Helen Fisher

    “It is an absolute honour to be joining the prestigious JCPP team as a specialist editor for psychosis. Psychotic phenomena are surprisingly common during childhood and adolescence and deserve greater research and clinical attention. I’m excited to have the opportunity to read and encourage submissions to JCPP on the aetiology, phenomenology, prevention, and treatment of psychosis during these key stages of development.”

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  • Prof Barbara Franke

    Professor Barbara Franke

    “I’m honored to have been invited to join the JCPP Editorial Board! Recent biological research in psychiatry teaches us about the dimensionality of the disorders we study and about the importance of a lifespan perspective in child and adolescent psychiatry. Seeing this view reflected in JCPP makes me look forward to being part of the team of editors.”

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  • Dr. Alice M. Gregory

    Alice Gregory is a Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths University of London and Director of the Goldsmiths Sleep Lab. Alice first developed an interest in sleep research as an undergraduate student of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford and went on to complete her PhD at the Social, Genetic, Developmental Psychiatry Research Centre, King’s College, London.

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