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Dr. Pasco Fearon

Dr. Pasco Fearon is Chair of Developmental Psychopathology in the Division of Psychology & Language Sciences at University College London (UCL).

His research focuses on the mechanisms of socio-emotional development and the processes involved in risk for psychopathology. He is particularly interested in the intersection between social and biological processes in children’s development, and accordingly he uses a range of diverse methods, including observational techniques for measuring family processes (attachment, parenting), quantitative and molecular genetics for examining genes and gene-environment interactions, and biological measurements for capturing peripheral physiology (e.g. cortisol, heart rate) and brain function (EEG, fMRI). As his primary interest is in development, much of his work involves longitudinal cohort studies, and multivariate longitudinal data analysis. Dr. Fearon is the deputy Editor in Chief for JCPP.


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