‘OpenHouse on Autism’ – In search of a bedtime routine. What to do when your child won’t sleep.

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‘OpenHouse on Autism – In search of a bedtime routine. What to do when your child won’t sleep’ is part of a programme of FREE webinars, run with Clinical Partners, designed to help families with autistic children, that will help us work towards our vision of ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’.

This is the third ‘OpenHouse on Autism’ register for the all of the upcoming other FREE webinars.

Host Emma Woodhouse, autism specialist with Clinical Partners, and sleeping disorder specialist Dr. Charlie Tyack discover practical ways to address challenges around getting your child to bed.

Your Speakers

Emma Woodhouse, Neurodevelopmental Specialist with Clinical Partners, is passionate about promoting the psychological well-being of autistic people in all walks of life and is one of the UK’s leading authorities on Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), ADHD and associated complex mental health difficulties.

Dr. Charlie Tyack works in a paediatric sleep centre, with children and their families, to address chronic difficulties with sleep in the context of long term health conditions and neurodisabilities, including intellectual disabilities. He has extensive experience of working positively with people with autistic spectrum conditions.


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[…] I also did a Q&A session with The Sleep Charity later in the week, as part of their sleep practitioner training. There were some excellent questions from the delegates, including one about sleep disruption in children who are on the autistic spectrum. Since questions in relation to this come up a lot, here’s a link to my ACAMH session on Autism and Sleep in Children. […]


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