Dr. Nicole Papadopoulos

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Dr. Nicole Papadopoulos

Dr. Nicole Papadopoulos is a Senior research fellow and Clinical Psychologist in the School of Educational Psychology and Counselling, Monash University. She has a PhD in developmental Psychology and significant clinical and research experience working with children who experience developmental challenges, including autism and ADHD and in the delivery of brief behavioural interventions to improve the mental health outcomes of children and families in schools and in the community. Dr. Papadopoulos is pioneering work that explores the impact of behavioural sleep interventions and physical activity on mental health outcomes for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. She has significant experience working across a range of neuroscientific and intervention research projects that aim to bridge the gap between the clinic and community, including Sleeping Sound, Joy of Moving, the AllPlay programs and telehealth projects.

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