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Specialist Subject Editor 

Dr. Alice M. Gregory

Alice Gregory is a Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths University of London and Director of the Goldsmiths Sleep Lab. Alice first developed an interest in sleep research as an undergraduate student of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford and went on to complete her PhD at the Social, Genetic, Developmental Psychiatry Research Centre, King’s College, London.  Her PhD thesis and postdoctoral work focused on twin and epidemiological samples to understand more about concurrent and longitudinal associations between sleep and internalising difficulties. Much of her research has focused on developmental questions concerning sleep, and over time her research interests have widened to explore a variety of different aspects of sleep (timing and quality as well as different sleep difficulties and disorders) in relation to a wider range of difficulties (including externalising difficulties). She is honoured to take the role of specialist subject editor at JCPP.


Links on the ACAMH website

JCPP Editorial: Volume 61, Issue 10, October 2020.“Is sleep the red flag to psychopathology’s bull?” by Michael Gradisar, Alice M. Gregory, Liat Tikotzky.

JCPP Editorial: Volume 58, Issue 07, July 2017“The conundrums of human development – implications for the study of child and adolescent disorder” by Alice M. Gregory.

Podcast with Dr. Faith Orchard about her co-authored paper: “Self‐reported sleep patterns and quality amongst adolescents: cross‐sectional and prospective associations with anxiety and depression” by Faith Orchard, Alice M. Gregory, Michael Gradisar, Shirley Reynolds.

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