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Professor Carlo Schuengel

Carlo Schuengel is Professor of Clinical Child and Family Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA), The Netherlands. He is co-director of the Amsterdam Public Health Research Institute and leads the Academic Collaborative Center of ‘s Heeren Loo – VUA.

Carlo aims to contribute insight into family relationships, the development of mental health and resilience, and interventions that can support at risk parents and other caregivers in fostering high quality relationships with children. This goal is pursued by a combination of research on the Generations longitudinal pregnancy cohort study, creation and synthesis of practice based and research based evidence, and intervention studies in partnership with intervention services and care organisations that support families, children, and people with disabilities. Attachment theory has been a major theoretical basis for this work since the research program started in 2000. In addition, Carlo contributes to collaborative work in the spirit of Open Science by coordinating the Collaboration for Attachment Research Syntheses (CARS), which has spawned several consortia that bring together data of attachment and care-giving to facilitate Individual Participant Data meta-analyses.

“JCPP was actually the first international scientific journal I became a subscriber of as a graduate student, many years ago. JCPPs aim to bring together high quality developmental research and issues of CAMH practice has shaped my thinking and my orientation in the field. I am grateful for the opportunity to give something back by participating in a truly wonderful editorial team.”

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