• Kristjan Kikerpill

    Doom-monitoring Students’ Online Interactions and Content Creation in Schools

    In this ‘Papers Podcast’, we are joined by Professor Andra Siibak and Kristjan Kikerpill (pic) to discuss their CAMH journal 2023 Special issue paper ‘Schools engaged in doom-monitoring students’ online interactions and content creation: an analysis of dominant media discourses’.

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  • Emotionally based school avoidance (recording)

    This webinar discussed Emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA) a term used to describe young people who have difficulty attending school due to emotional needs. Dr. Cat Halligan and Jemma Michelson who have developed and delivered the Royal Free Children’s Hospital School’s ‘LinkEdUP’ online reengagement programme were our speakers

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  • teacher in headscarf explaining English grammar rules to students.

    Trauma – Pedagogy in practice recording

    ACAMH is delighted to have teamed up with the Chartered College of Teaching to present these FREE online training series entitled ‘Pedagogy in practice’, this session was on Trauma.

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  • Dr. Amy Sayer

    How to spot and support students who have experienced trauma

    Blog from Amy Sayer. “The need to spot and support students who have experienced trauma has become increasingly urgent and necessary within educational settings.”

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  • Dr. Jillian Halladay

    Youth Substance Use and Co-occurring Mental Health Concerns

    In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Jillian Halladay, winner of ACAMH’s Research Trainee of the Year 2021 Award, about her research into the co-occurrence of substance use in youth in general and in acute clinical settings.

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  • Dr. Tina Rae

    Supporting Child Refugees in Educational Settings

    This Refugee Week, we are joined by Dr. Tina Rae to explore how best to support child refugees within educational settings.

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  • Professor Barry Carpenter OBE, CBE

    Improving research-informed practice in schools

    We have recently launched an initiative aimed at teachers, to enable schools to access and put to use resources that can genuinely make a difference to the mental wellbeing and educational outcomes of young people.

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  • Dr. Karen Mansfield

    The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 School Closures

    The focus of this podcast is on the JCPP Advances paper ‘Covid-19 partial school closures and mental health problems: a cross sectional survey of 11,000 adolescents to determine those most at risk’, written by Dr. Karen Mansfield, Associate Professor Mina Fazel, and colleagues.

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  • Lauren Cross

    Mental Wellbeing in Schools, and the Global Mental Health Crisis

    In this podcast, we talk to Lauren Cross about her research interests around mental health and wellbeing in schools and inequalities during childhood and adolescence, as well as her co-authored CAMH debate paper ‘Is There a True Global Children and Young People’s Mental Health Crisis Fact or Fiction’.

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  • Reflections on working psychotherapeutically in schools

    One of the greatest challenges in my experience of working psychotherapeutically in schools has been in trying to balance the increasing complexity of children’s mental health needs with the reduction in funding and therefore time frame in which to work.

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