In the world of science and practice: celebrating ACAMH Journals’ Impact factor 2020

Dr. Gordana Milavić
Dr. Milavić is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital, London. She has over 40 years of experience in acute clinical practice, teaching and training. During her career she has been at the forefront of the organisation of mental health services for children and adolescents in southeast London. She is a Trustee and medical advisor of a number of mental health charities in the UK and internationally.

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In a year when science has triumphed against so many challenges posed by the Covid -19 pandemic, research and related practice in child and young people’s mental health have flourished.

Our journals have been at the leading edge of research of the highest quality since the inception of our first journal more than 60 years ago. Although our journals’ practices and policies have never been shaped by the Impact Factor (IF) agenda, we are pleased to announce this year’s record achievements.

The new Impact Factor of our journals is as follows: Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP) – 2020 IF 8.982 (2019 – 7.035) and Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) – 2020 IF – 2.174 (2019 – 1.77).

The impact factor (IF) is a measure of the frequency with which the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year. But it gives us even more pleasure to know that our articles are being read and that the findings of studies published in our journals have served to promote more research and informed practice.

The sensitivity with which the journals have observed the social, political and evolving historical context of our times require a special commendation.

Readers beyond the scientific community would like to understand the impact of any scientific finding. The impact factor is one such measure but what is of crucial importance is the difference scientific findings make to the mental health of children. Citations of research bring us one step closer to evidencing that goal.

We take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the Editor-in-Chief of JCPP Prof. Edmund Sonuga-Barke, the Editor-in-Chief of CAMH, Dr. Bernadka Dubicka, and Editor-in-Chief of our recently launched journal JCPP Advances, Prof. Henrik Larsson, for their vision and stewardship; the team of wonderful editors who work tirelessly; the authors for choosing our journals, peer-reviewers for honing the papers, ACAMH’s publishing team led by Prabha Choubina, Publications Director and the wonderful team at Wiley.


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