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Celebrating 25 years in 2020 CAMH is a high quality, peer-review of child and adolescent mental health services research. We have articles for practitioners describing evidence-based clinical methods and clinically orientated research. Follow on twitter @TheCAMH

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Our journal Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) publishes high quality, peer-reviewed child and adolescent mental health services research of relevance to academics, clinicians and
commissioners internationally.

We want you to get more involved with the CAMH journal, whether you are an ACAMH Member or not. We already encourage feedback via our social media networks including CAMH’s twitter handle @TheCAMH. We are now are pleased to offer you the chance to be published in the journal via our new feature ‘Letters to the Editor’.

You can submit your letter at Manuscript Central, details are listed below, and should you require assistance with your submission please contact the Publications Team by email at

  • ‘Letters to the Editor’ are considered for acceptance only in response to articles published in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH).
  • The letter must only discuss issues directly relevant to the content of the original article such as to add context, correction, offer a different interpretation, or extend the findings.
  • Letters will be evaluated for relevance to the index paper, scientific merit, and importance.
  • Letters will be accepted as soon as the article is published on Early View, and need to be submitted no later than 2 weeks after publication of the Journal issue online containing the article.
  • Accepted letters will be assigned a DOI and all will appear online, with a limited selection in the print version of the Journal.
  • The section Editor will review the letters and might consult another Editor before acceptance or rejection. The Journal’s appeal procedure will be available for authors whose letters are rejected. Letters will not be peer reviewed.
  • Authors might be asked to revise and edit their letter to acceptable standards for publication.
  • If accepted, a reply might be sought from the author of the original article, and both may be published together. The response will go through the same editorial checks.
  • As with all published articles, the handling editor reserves the right to reject the letter to uphold ethics and editorial standards.
  • The letters should avoid personal attacks and unscholarly communication.

The CAMH journal’s principal aim is to foster evidence-based clinical practice and clinically orientated research among clinicians and health services researchers working with children and adolescents, parents, and their families, in relation to, or with a particular interest in, mental health. We hope you will take this opportunity to be involved in the advancement of child and adolescent mental health.

Remember, submit your letter at Manuscript Central, and if you need assistance please contact the Publications Team by email at

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