Insights from the OxWell Student Survey

Hosted by Dr. Clara Faria, ‘Insights from the OxWell Student Survey’ series is a new mini-in conversation series that will explore the OxWell Student Survey.

Dr. Clara Faria explains about the series the  “A fundamental part of doing research is disseminating its findings with the public. Scientific communication can be done in several ways but I am particularly a fan of podcasts, so it is a huge honor to announce our new podcast series with the OxWell Student Study on their main findings.

OxWell is a large-scale student survey designed to measure the wellbeing of children and young people. It looks at mental wellbeing, anxiety, indicators of vulnerability such as bullying and loneliness, school experience, access to services, safety online and many more areas. It is a joint effort between schools, young people, the NHS, local authorities and the OxWell research team at the University of Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry.

Our first episode is live, available where you get your podcasts from, and for it I interviewed Professor Mina Fazel, Dr. Emma Soneson and Dr. Simon White. We talked about what the OxWell Student Survey is, how it came about, and they shared very interesting insight into where young people most likely found support when it came to their mental health.“


In this podcast series, Clara is joined by several guest speakers, all of whom are part of the OxWell team, to address a range of issues relevant to child and adolescent wellbeing and mental health and what the OxWell findings show with regards to how theses issues impact on young peoples’ mental wellbeing.

Episode 1 – ‘Networks of Care: Insights from the OxWell Student Survey’, with Professor Mina Fazel, Dr. Emma Soneson, and Dr. Simon White

More episodes coming soon!

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About the speakers

Clara Faria

Clara Faria is a junior doctor and aspiring child and adolescent psychiatrist. She currently serves as a Young Person Ambassador for ACAMH and is interested in eating disorders and in the epidemiology of mental health disorders in young people.

Professor Mina Fazel

Professor Mina Fazel is a Professor of Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Oxford and a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist in the Department of Children’s Psychological Medicine at the Oxford Children’s Hospital. She has been working for two decades on how to improve mental health services for vulnerable and hard to reach populations which has led to an interest in school-based mental health services. She has worked with local CAMHS services to change how they interface with education. She also conducts the OxWell Student Survey which in 2021 had responses from over 30,000 students from 180 schools, guiding our understanding of what school-aged students say they want and need. Her other main interest is in improving access to evidence-based trauma therapies, especially for young people suffering from PTSD, having worked with refugee populations for many years. In her clinical work, she is part of a team helping children and young people with chronic health difficulties and pain.

Dr. Emma Soneson

Dr. Emma Soneson is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the intersections between education and child and adolescent mental health. She is particularly interested in the role of schools in promoting and protecting mental health and preventing the onset of mental health difficulties.

Dr. Simon White

Dr. Simon R. White is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, jointly within the Department of Psychiatry and MRC Biostatistics Unit. His research involves developing statistical methods for applications in neuroimaging, cognition and ageing, and adolescent psychiatry with a focus on heterogeneity and missing data. Simon is also active in public engagement and outreach activities to promote statistical literacy; as an Royal Statistical Society Statistical Ambassador, contributor to the Science Media Centre, and as a STEM Ambassador.

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