Supporting children and families experiencing domestic violence: A Devon and Cornwall perspective – Recording

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During the covid-19 pandemic, increasing incidents of domestic violence have made national headlines. This event focused on facets of the multidisciplinary approach to supporting affected families, hearing from practitioners, local authority representatives and researchers who work to support children and adolescents who have experienced domestic violence or related trauma, and their families.

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About the event

Three broad themes were presented, each with two or more speakers. Initially the educational context was explored, with speakers sharing trauma-informed approaches to education and the research evaluation of Operation Encompass, an initiative between police and schools to inform schools of children potentially in need of additional support following a domestic violence incident. Secondly, the local authority perspective was considered and their use of evidence-based approaches in understanding and supporting families. Finally, the third theme focused on supporting children through developing professional’s support and understanding of the complexities of the parental relationship.

Key takeaways

  • To increase awareness of evidence-based practices to support children and families experiencing domestic violence, and emerging research in this field.
  • To understand that domestic violence services do not operate in isolation and a holistic approach to supporting children and families involves multiple relevant agencies.
  • To learn about local authorities’ approaches to supporting families who have experienced domestic violence.

Who should attend

Practitioners in clinical, education, health or social care roles, school staff working with children and families, charities and third sector organisations supporting children and families. As well as academics/researchers.


15:30-15:40 Welcome and intro ‘Educating and working with children and adolescents who experience domestic violence or trauma’ – Laura Griffiths and Anna Moss (Plymouth City Council)

Theme 1: Education focus
15.40 Megan Hornsby – Educating children who have experienced DV/trauma (through a case study)
16:00 Dr. Sara Morgan & Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE – Operation Encompass ‘Local authority perspectives and use of evidence-based approaches

Theme 2: Local authority/clinical services focus
16:20 Jodie Das – The CRAFT model
16:40 Dr. Claire Powell – Outcome measures in interventions for DVA
17:00 Q&A and break

Theme 3: Parent focus
17:40 Plymouth City Council viewpoint – Supporting parents and families experiencing domestic violence
18:00 Dr. Sue Whitcombe Parental alienation, what it is, the use and abuse of the concept?
18:20 Nina FarrFamily-focussed coaching support
18:40 Q&A
19:00 Close

About the speakers

Megan Hornsby

Mental health practitioner at the School for Inspiring Talents in Newton Abbot.

Dr. Sara A Morgan
Dr. Sara A Morgan

Dr. Sara A Morgan (née Afshar) is a Lecturer in Public Health based within the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. Sara initially trained in biomedical sciences, followed by global health and development at UCL, which led to work as a programme manager for a donor-funded programme at the National Cancer Institute in Sri Lanka and as a health advisor for an international charity. She recently completed her doctoral studies in epidemiology and international public health. Her thesis examined the prevalence and impact of multi-morbidity in middle-income countries: for which she undertook mixed methods research, including qualitative fieldwork in Ghana. In parallel she undertook research consultancies with the World Health Organisation in Geneva and Cairo, and held responsibilities as a trustee for a local charity. Currently, she has joined the ARC Wessex team as a Lecturer in Public Health to undertake mixed methods research that tackles the wider determinants of offending and violence prevention. She was awarded Best Early Career Researcher in Public Health (2019) by the National Institute of Health Research and Public Health England.

Dr. Claire Powell
Research Fellow Population, Policy & Practice Dept, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health
Claire Powell is leading a study on outcome measurement for interventions for children and families experiencing DVA, she is also heavily involved in an upcoming project about the nexus between CAMHS, primary care and specialist DVA services.

Jodie Das

Jodie is a researcher, practitioner, educator and consultant who has worked for many years with DVA. Jodie has developed CRAFT as a response to the complexity of the issue and the challenges of working with it. She is committed to supporting and empowering practitioners across many professional disciplines in the development of compassionate and critically reflective practice when working with DVA.

Nina Farr
Nina Farr

I am Nina Farr, a qualified and experienced Leadership Coach for women who parent alone. Women just like you, and just like me. I’ve been coaching women who parent alone for eight years. I’ve written an internationally acclaimed book about it (I am the Parent Who Stayed) and authored a coaching program called ‘Family Vision’ that has had the support of a prestigious UK University and has won sponsorship and support from Big Lottery, national charities. But most importantly – is loved by women who are parenting alone. My community The Cluster Mothers provides invaluable co-parenting, family law, parenting, wellbeing and therapeutic support to women stepping into single motherhood. My passion is helping women to re-connect with the fire inside them that family breakdown so often snuffs out with sadness, loss and the weight of responsibility. There is nothing I love more than seeing a mother find her light again, joyfully connect with her children again, and start to see her way forward into a bright, bold and unashamedly BIG future for herself again. One where financial, emotional and relationship success are all on the table again – without sacrificing any of her dreams for her children. My mission is to make sure parenting alone isn’t lonely. By supporting women individually and collectively to build networks and communities that help our families to thrive.

Dr. Sue Whitcombe
Dr. Sue Whitcombe

Chartered psychologist registered with the HCPC with twenty five years experience in education and psychology working with children, young people and adults. I provide specialist services for families and individuals impacted by challenging and complex realtionships. I collaborate on service development and am regularly invited to speak about my research & practise to mental health, social care and legal professionals. My clinical focus is on facilitating and supporting effective change for healthy relationships, improved well-being and psychological functioning. I am registered as an expert witness with the BPS, specialising in assessment where a child appears to reject a parent or a parent frustrates a child’s wider family relationships. I provide training, consultancy and clinical and professional supervision to legal and social care professionals, as well as practitioners in family services and mental health. I sit on the BPS Expert Witness Advisory Group and am a member (former Chair) of the BPS Training Committee in Counselling Psychology. I am committed to the ethical practice of psychology in all aspects of my work.

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE
Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE is a qualified teacher and has worked across primary and early years education in a number of different roles and within several local authorities. On retirement from her last headship she left her nursery and infant school in Cornwall with an Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’. In 2010, together with her husband, she created Operation Encompass, a scheme that supports children experiencing domestic abuse. Elisabeth was honoured in the Queen’s birthday honours list 2019 and appointed an OBE.


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