School-based interventions

  • Music therapy: helping children and young people to access their education

    Music therapy is a psychological therapy that uses the medium of music to achieve non-musical aims, such as encouraging self-expression where verbal skills are limited due to a physical or learning disability, or when clients find verbal therapy too direct or challenging.
    Disclaimer: This is an independent blog and ACAMH may not necessarily hold the same views.

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  • Prabha Chouina

    Looking back on 2017 to go forward in 2018

    At the journals’ editorial office, we have been reflecting on 2017. Have we continued to improve our service offering to our authors and reviewers? Have we improved our systems and workflows to make the editors’ work at least a tiny bit easier? Have we engaged actively with the editorial and advisory board members and the wider research community?

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  • Front cover of The Bridge

    The Bridge Returns

    Welcome back to ‘The Bridge’. The full set of articles will be published in December for ACAMH Members.

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  • Anti Social Behaviour

    Multiagency professionals trying to deter children from developing antisocial or criminal behaviour should focus on enhancing children’s emotional awareness or affective empathy, according to a recent study of vulnerable children in Amsterdam.

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  • Falling numbers in child psychiatry

    Falling child psychiatry numbers do not make happy reading

    Drop in the number of child psychiatrists from 1,015 full-time equivalent posts in May 2013 down to 948 in May 2017.

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  • Young schoolgirl representing PROMs

    Patient-centred practitioners prioritise PROMs

    Clinicians who use therapeutic approaches that focus on patients’ perceptions, such as CBT, may be more likely to seek patient feedback.

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  • Psychosis pathway positive for patients

    Using a dedicated pathway for patients with an ultra-high risk of psychosis at a London CAMHS community unit led to fewer admissions, quicker psychiatric review and a shorter wait for treatment.

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  • The hardest thing to do is say goodbye

    “It was an accident,” says Dr Mark Lovell. But what is he referring to?

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  • Dr Max Davie, Paediatrician, holding a sign about ACAMH

    Q&A with Dr Max Davie, Consultant Paediatrician

    Interview with Dr Max Davie, Consultant Paediatrician, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust & ACAMH Board Member.

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  • Welsh branch puts on dyslexia day with academic heavyweights

    Conference review Dyslexia: From assessment to intervention This September saw ACAMH’s Wales branch host a one day conference on dyslexia in Cardiff. Over sixty delegates made the trip to the city’s All Nations’ Centre to listen to talks from leading researchers and practitioners. The day was opened with a warm welcome from Dr Owen Barry, […]

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