World Mental Health Day 2019: focus on Suicide Prevention

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The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is suicide and suicide prevention. Our Vision is ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’, and to this end we urge you to take a look at the learning opportunities on our website and to share with your networks.

What does the latest evidence and research tell us?
How informed are you on new interventions?
What’s in the pipeline?

Discover with these free learning opportunities, and check out our National Conference on Suicide and Self-harm we have gathered together the leading academics, clinicians, and researchers in fields of self-harm and suicide, plus those who have lived experience.

Suicide and self-harm topic guide: In this guide we discuss the epidemiology, risk factors, assessment and management of self-harm and suicide.

Free special issue of JCPP: Suicide and self-harm Pathways for Minimizing Suicide & Premature Deaths and Maximizing Hope and Wellbeing.

This edition of The Bridge includes 10 research digests of the special issue of JCPP on suicide and self-harm. Read the articles online, or download a pdf of the issue.

Free CPD certificate. Take our quiz on the research digests from the special issue of The Bridge to receive 2 hours of CPD. Open access to the papers until the 31 October 2019.

Podcast with Dr. Trudie Roussow. Trudie discusses Mentalisation Based Treatment for adolescents, how it differs from MBT for adults, and how it can be used for those who self-harm.

Dr. Edward Barker ‘Behind the Yellow Line’ novel methods of research dissemination

Blog by Dr. Lucy Maddox:  As a therapist, how should I grieve after a patient’s suicide? Read more.

Dr. Abigail Rusell discusses her paper on inflammation and self-harm. Podcast 30min Filmed lecture 20min

Prof David Cottrell on school-based interventions, recent studies investigating systemic family therapy following teenage self-harm. Podcast 30min Filmed lecture 20min

Prof Lars Mehlum on DBT for adolescents as an intervention, and his most recent paper in The JCPP. Podcast 30min Filmed lecture 20min

Prof Joan Asarnow (pic) looks at ‘Treating Self-Harm and Preventing Suicide: The Evidence and ‘Evidence-Based Care’’ Film lecture 20min

Jack Tizard Memorial Lecture 2019 from Prof Keith Hawton ‘Self-harm in children and adolescents: a major health and social problem of our time’ Film lecture 20min

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